Reborn baby dolls - Works in Progress


Shaylee - fairy kit by Shawna Clymer

(project on hold)





I am no longer taking custom orders but here are a list of kits that I will be working on in the future to list on Ebay once they have been "reborn".

  • Jamie by Tina Kewy (Limited Edition)
  • Freya by Tina Kewy (Limited Edition)
  • Noah by Reva Schick
  • Zane by Marita Winters
  • Zachy by Marita Winters
  • Josiah by Laura Tuzio Ross
  • Shyann by Aleina Peterson
  • Benji by Marita Winters (Limited Edition)
  • Jack by Tamie Yarie (Limited Edition)
  • Byron by Denise Pratt
  • Bonnie by Linda Murray (Retired)
  • Joshua by Reva Schick in LDC soft vinyl L.E.
  • Steffi by Menna Hartog
  • Holly by Donna Rubert
  • Liam by Joanna Kazmierczak (Limited Edition)
  • Harley by Melody Hess (Limited Edition)
  • Coco Malu by Elisa Marx
  • Presley Asleep by Denise Pratt (Limited Edition)
  • Coco by Natalie Blick
  • Ofelia by Olga Auer (reserved for project)
  • Adelya by Olga Auer (on preorder)
  • Ira Elf by Karola Wegerich (limited Edition)





Kits on my wishlist:


These are kits that have caught my eye but I can't justify buying yet with the arsenal of unreborn kits I already have on my hands.

  • Rebecca by Reva Schick
  • Camille by Ann Timmerman
  • Johanna by Karola Wegerich
  • Lilly by Regina Swialkowski
  • Sandy by Sheila Michael
  • Olivia and Marley twins by Ann Timmerman
  • Angelina by Petra Seiffert
  • Elaine by Sabine Altenkirch
  • Merlin - Sigrun Heck (elfish)
  • Benjamin by Adrie Stoete
  • Dominik by Corinne Kaeufeler
  • Oliver by Corinne Kaeufeler
  • Sophie by Evelina Wosnjuk
  • Ylvie and Lisann from Puppen Traumland "Other Doll Kits"
  • Fleur by Sheila Michael
  • Sicily by Sherry Rawn