About the Artist


Hello, my name is Sharla Field. I am a professional artist specialising in ultra-realistic dolls. I was born and grew up in the great state of Texas in the United States. As an adult, I moved to Europe where I have lived for the past decade. Currently I live in beautiful Hamburg, Germany where I work in my dedicated studio creating these precious lifelike babies.

I feel it is my personal duty of care to create only quality heirloom babies that I would be proud to keep in my own collection. With proper care and treatment, these dolls can be passed from one generation to the next.

I absolutely love feedback and value any constructive criticism. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments pertaining to reborns.

Silvery Moon Cherubs - about our babies

Silvery Moon Cherubs are vinyl dolls that have been put through the process of "reborning."

Reborning is the art of taking a manufactured doll or kit, removing any factory paint, and repainting it to achieve the most realistic, lifelike skin tones and features. Hair is then either painted or "rooted" which consists of using felting needles to insert a few hairs (usually mohair or human hair) at a time to give the appearance of real hair growing out of the scalp. Then, the baby is weighted by filling it with a combination of different filling material types.

Techniques and materials can vary widely, depending on the artist.

At Silvery Moon Cherubs, only quality materials are used. Your baby's skin tone is achieved using several translucent layers of Genesis Heat Set Paints which will not rub off or fade once properly cured. These lifelike skintones are produced over several days.

Your little cherub's hair is directionally microrooted using only fine needles and high quality premium mohair from suppliers such as Slumberland Nursery and Susan Nagel. In general, each Silvery Moon Cherub is rooted using a 42-gauge fine titanium forked needle for yearling mohair and 42 gauge barbed needles for kid mohair. Taking into consideration different aspects such as hardness of the vinyl, size of the head, mohair type, sparseness or thickness, rooting can take anywhere between 30-100 hours to complete.

Silvery Moon Cherubs are a delight to hold. Fine glass beads topped with fiberfill are used for weighting the limbs. The body is then filled with rubber "baby fat" pellets which are extremely soft and make your baby a dream to hold. Then it is further topped up with fiberfill. Your little cherub's head will be weighted with a small pouch of glass beads and fiberfill which will require its little head to be supported just like that of a real baby.

Shipping Information and "Fine Print"

Silvery Moon Cherubs is located in beautiful Hamburg, Germany.

We offer shipping via DHL, however we are not responsible for any import fees or other duties imposed by your country.

Shipping prices (up to 5 kg):

  • Germany - $10.00 USD
  • USA - $48.00 USD
  • EU - $25.00 USD
  • Europe non-EU - $40.00 USD
  • Australia - $60.00 USD
  • For all other destinations, please contact me for an accurate shipping quote!

Your baby will be shipped within 2 business days of receiving cleared payment in the full amount. If requesting for magnets to be added or other alterations, please allow extra time for the alterations to be completed to a high standard. For an additional charge, you may choose a different shipping provider. If you are in need of this service, please Contact Us for a quote before purchasing.

Silvery Moon Cherubs are satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not 100% happy with the quality of your new baby you may return him/her at your own expense and I will gladly refund your money minus shipping costs. Shipping costs are non-refundable. I must be notified within 24 hours of the date of the delivery confirmation and the baby must be returned in the same condition as it was in when it left my nursery to qualify for a refund.