Reborn baby girl Krista by Linda Murray

Name: Krista

Length: 20 inches

Weight: 5 lbs 9 oz.

Rebirth Date: 03 October 2012

Krista is now Adopted!




Reborn baby girl Krista.  Reborn by Sharla Field of Silvery Moon cherubs.  A Linda Murray sculpt.


Krista's new Mom sent me a picture of her right after she was delivered to her new home. See her feedback below.

"Hi Sharla,

Krista arrived this morning, and what a thrill!! She was very safely and securely wrapped, which I really appreciate. When I got her unwrapped, there were a few tears shed. I am SO thrilled!! I fell in love with her auction pictures; she looks like my daughter when she was a baby. But she surpasses her pictures. She looks SO real! I keep waiting for her to turn her head and laugh or coo. Her coloring is just perfect! Her hair and eyes are so well matched with each other and with her skin coloring. When I hold her, it's just like holding a real baby. She's weighted perfectly. Actually, I haven't put her down yet; she's on my lap. You pay such attention to every little detail. I admire and appreciate your talent!

Thank you so much! Krista will be well cared for and very loved."




Krista has been lovingly reborn from the now retired Krista kit by talented sculptor Linda Murray. Her lifelike skin tone has been built up using many layers of Genesis Heat Set Paints and then given a coat of matte varnish to give her a lovely texture. In addition to adding texture, the matte varnish removes any doll-like shine. Her limbs have been filled with a combination of glass beads and topped with luxury fiberfill. Her head and body have been weighted with a combination of glass beads, "baby fat" pellets, and fiberfill so that she feels like a real baby when she is picked up and held.

She comes with a detachable belly plate for posing.

Krista's nose has been gently opened, shaded and backed with dark felt for more realistic effect. She has very subtle blue undertones and veining with gentle mottling. Each crease has been shaded to give her complexion further depth. Her eyebrows have been delicately painted on for a barely-there wispy effect.

Krista has a sturdy doe-suede disk-jointed body.


This page has many pictures of Krista taken in natural lighting throughout the day over the course of a few days. Please scroll down to see the many pictures available of this stunning reborn baby girl.


She has beautiful handblown hazel German glass eyes.

  Her finger- and toenails are lightly shaded and tipped in off-white before being coated with a gloss varnish to make them shine.  
  Krista's hair has been directionally micro-rooted with a 42-gauge needle using Slumberland Nursery chocolate brown mohair. It features a realistic swirl pattern. The hair has then been glued on the inside so it can be dampened and gently styled.    
  Krista's eyebrows have been painted one stroke at a time to have a barely-there wispy effect.  
      Thank you for looking!