Rebor n baby girl Alicia

Name: Alicia

Length: 8 inches (approx 20 cm)

Weight: 6 ounces

Rebirth Date: 20 January 2013

Alicia is available for adoption now!




Alicia is a tiny little treasure and an affordable introduction into the world of reborn babies. She has all of the features of a full size reborn, including subtle veining, microrooted mohair, handrooted eyelashes, and exquisitely painted alive-looking skin tones and the tiniest little tipped finger- and toenails.

She will come wearing her precious little hand-crocheted vintage-style layette in white with red trim.

Alicia was reborn from the Florentin sculpt by Gudrun Legler. She has a white flannel non-disc-jointed body. She is filled with a combination of glass beads and "baby fat" pellets that have been topped off with luxury fiberfill.

Alicia boasts beautiful kid mohair in light brown that is ever so soft to the touch and rooted in a realistic swirl atop her tiny crown.


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