Silvery Moon Cherubs are lifelike vinyl baby dolls which have been "reborn" with amazingly realistic features. These dolls are not intended for children, but are highly collectible works of art for the adult collector.

Please be sure to visit the Gallery to see photos of my work both past and present.

Are you curious about the cost of reborning? See this article to find out more.

Want to see what I'm working on at the moment? See below or check out my Works-in-Progress page for additional information!



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I am not currently taking new custom orders.

Currently on Ebay:

Click here to see her auction!

Esme - 4 lbs 8 ounces - full anatomically correct vinyl torso.
Reborn Baby Girl Esme.  Reborn from the Esme sculpt by Laura Lee Eagles by Sharla Field of Silver Moon Cherubs

Recently adopted:

Reborn baby boy doll from the Rieke kit by Linde Scherer, reborn by Sharla Field of Silvery Moon Cherubs nursery. Mickie (was Rieke) has been adopted off Ebay! (Click here to see his auction)
Sierra Rose









Reborn baby girl Aliah from the Flora sculpt by Gudrun Legler.  Reborn by Sharla Field of Silvery Moon Cherubs






  • All custom order babies have been shipped! Wishing Liam, Lilian, Livia, Majara and Pixie safe travels to their new homes! - 09 August 2014
  • Fox has broadcast a very positive story regarding reborn dolls and how they offer a sense of comfort to others. Click here to watch it! - 05 April 2013
  • I have published a kit review of the wonderful Milaine kit by Evelina Wosnjuk on my blog! You can read it here!
  • Little Mia has been adopted and has traveled to her new family in the USA.- 27 March 2013
















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